Ariel Nazril Irham & Luna Maya sex tape, Ariel Irham & Maya sextape

Ariel aka Nazril Irham, a pop singer, and his girlfriend, model Luna Maya, are allegedly filmed in a sex tape. However, Ariel and Maya have denied the claim and accused others of doctoring a video to suggest they were involved.

Ariel and Luna Maya, celebrities of Indonesia, were interviewed by police. The authorities threatened to charge them for pornography.

Ariel’s laptop was supposedly stolen early in June and soon, the emergence of the said sextape happened.

Ariel and Luna Maya were allegedly n one sex tape. Ariel and his other former girlfriend were allegedly featured in another sex tape.

Someone or some people uploaded the so called sex tapes into Facebook and Youtube and these got into mobile phones, where the proliferation took the country by storm.

Indonesian authorities have threatened to punish those who download the sex tapes into cell phones for viewing. School children who have access to cell phones have watched the video clips and shared them.

Updated June 23 2010 – Nazril Irham surrendered himself and he was arrested by police. The women in the sex tapes, Luna Maya and Cut Tari, are witnesses. Irham aka Ariel, may stand trial for making sex tapes. If convicted, Ariel faces a jail sentence of anywhere between 6 months to 12 years. In addition, there is a fine of up to a maximum of 6 billion rupiah. Authorities are examining the evidence to determine if they have enough proof to charge Irham for a crime.

Ariel Nazril Irham & Luna Maya.

Ariel Nazril Irham & Luna Maya

Luna Maya.

Luna Maya

Cut Tari

Cut Tari

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