Barack Obama & Michelle Obama swimsuit: Barack Obama topless photos

Barack Obama, the President Elect, showed off his muscled chest,  pectorals, washboard stomach and abs as he appeared topless in Hawaii. Obama is a health and fitness nut. He never sacrificed his gym sessions while in the grueling heat of the Presidential Election campaign.

Michelle Obama was modest in a swimsuit while her bottom was shielded in a colorful wraparound. No bikini top for Michelle Obama!

Michelle Obama seems to think that the present generation of children are the strawberry generation. They behave like the fruit which is easily bruised. She hoped to introduce healthy diet and exercise to the American children by modeling. She urged the nation to eat more vegetables and fruits to bulk up on the natural vitamins and minerals. She often wore sleeveless tops and dresses to show toned biceps.

Mrs Obama believes in pragmatic steps to show how she walks the talk. She tore up a section of the White House lawn to plant her version of the community vegetable garden. School children visited to tend to the gardening, to show they were changing the face of the strawberry generation, one green thumb at a time.

Barack Obama topless photo in Hawaii. Obama wore a pair of shorts which he may have used in place of swimming trunks.

All pictures are in the same link. There are even other world leaders in topless pictures. A priceless collection of topless photos!

Michelle Obama swimsuit photos

Michelle Obama swimsuit photos

Michelle Obama swimsuit photos

Michelle Obama swimsuit picture

Barack Obama swimming bermudas

Barack Obama swimming bermudas

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