Barack Obama & Michelle Obama swimsuit: Barack Obama topless photos

Barack Obama, the President Elect, showed off his muscled chest,  pectorals, washboard stomach and abs as he appeared topless in Hawaii. Obama is a health and fitness nut. He never sacrificed his gym sessions while in the grueling heat of the Presidential Election campaign.

Michelle Obama was modest in a swimsuit while her bottom was shielded in a colorful wraparound. No bikini top for Michelle Obama!

Barack Obama topless photo in Hawaii. Obama wore a pair of shorts which he may have used in place of swimming trunks.

All pictures are in the same link. There are even other world leaders in topless pictures. A priceless collection of topless photos!

Michelle Obama swimsuit photos

Michelle Obama swimsuit photos

Michelle Obama swimsuit photos

Michelle Obama swimsuit picture

Barack Obama swimming bermudas

Barack Obama swimming bermudas

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