Barack Obama mother Ann Dunham photos pictures scandal: Ann Dunham

Joel Gilbert claimed Barack Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, had an affair with Frank Marshall Davis. Ohio, nevada and new Hampshire residents have received free a free documentary with controversial statements on Ann Dunham.

Joel Gilbert has written a book with a title mocking Obama’s book. Its called Dreams From My Real father. The documentary contained the claims made by Gilbert. There are photos of young women, posing nude. It was claimed that one of the women was Ann Dunham.

Critics have dismissed the claims as being baseless. There was no definite proof that Ann Dunham was a porn star. There was nothing to suggest Frank Marshall Davis could be Barack’s father. Gilbert or the people behind the propaganda used old pictures to show the physical resemblances between Barack Obama and Frank Davis.

The world has many people who look like the doppelganger of the person. Theer are only 6 degrees of separation between one person and a distant, other people. It is common to find people with similar looks. It doesn’t mean they are related by blood.

Before Obama was elected as the President, there were claims that he was influenced by the Reds/ Communists, during his young adulthood. Gilbert’s story also claimed this thread of opinion. Davis was a left wing poet, with ties to Communists.

Who is coming forward to defend Ann Dunham? Who can positively identify her, or prove that Ann Dunham was not the woman, in the pornographic photos?

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