Basketball Wives Gloria Govan: Gloria Govan updates (photos)

Matt Barnes’ wife, Gloria Govan, and Royce Reed can’t get along in “Basketball Wives”. Govan and Reed sat down to dinner with Shaunie O’Neal and showed their animosity. O’Neal asked them how they were doing in their relationship.

Gloria Govan said she would not jeopardize her relationship to Matt Barnes by befriending Reed. (Since Reed was feuding with Dwight Howard).

Royce Reed said she had lost hope of making friends with Gloria Govan, given that Govan had already made up her mind about her.

Gloria Govan’s sister allegedly had a relationship or affair with Shaquille O’Neal. Shaunie asked Govan about her sister and her estranged former husband. It was awkward when the high and mighty Govan had to face up to Shaunie.

Evelyn Lozado stirred the pot by speculating that Govan’s fiancé, Matt Barnes, could be unfaithful to his woman. Barnes and Lozado seem to know each other as he once warned her to avoid corrupting Gloria with her ideas.

Basketball Wives Royce Reed.

Royce Reed

Basketball Wives Gloria Govan

Gloria Govan

Basketball Wives Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes.

Basketball Wives Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes

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