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I watched Bedtime Stories. Don’t read here if you don’t want spoilers for Bedtime Stories.

Bedtime Stories is about Skeeter Bronson, a hotel handyman. Bronson is the son of a hotelier who had to sell out when he went bankrupt. Bronson Sr used to tell Bedtime stories to Skeeter. Skeeter inherited his old man’s gift of telling good bedtime stories to his neiece and nephew when he had to babysit them at night.

Adam Sandler is Skeeter Bronson. Mrs. Jackie Sandler, Adam’s wife, has a small role in Bedtime Stories. Jackie Sandler plays Lady Jacqueline.

Courtney Cox is Wendy Bronson, the principal who has to travel out for her interviews, because Nottingham is closing down the school to construct a new hotel in its place.

Skeeter Bronson’s best friend in Bedtime Stories is a waiter named Mickey. Mickey eventually hooks up with Miss Violet Nottingham, daughter of the rich hotelier Barry Nottingham. The name Nottingham is a play/pun on the Sheriff of Nottingham, of Robin Wood legendary tales. Violet Nottingham in Bedtime Stories is played by Teresa Palmer, an Australian actress. Mickey is played by Russell Brand.

Real life followed reel life when Brand and Palmer dated and had a relationship. Sadly, Brand and Palmer broke up soon after filming wrapped up. When “Bedtime Stories” had its premiere in L.A., Brand and Palmer dutifully showed up to promote their movie but they no loner posed together. Not one word was mentioned about the other and both studiously avoided being captured in the same frame.

Russell Brand was funny as Mickey but not as funny as he should be. He was more comical in his commercials with Britney Spears for the 2008 MTV awards.

The children contributed to Skeeter Bronson’s bedtime stories when they objected to his endings. In the magical twists of fate, the next day, the bedtime stories come alive in Skeeter Bronson’s life. Skeeter Bronson tried to steer the kids to contribute good endings to their Bedtime Stories so that he would benefit from them the following day. The children refused to be manipulated and they continue to give Skeeter unconventional conclusions and Skeeter suffers the back lash.

Finally, Marty Bronson, Skeeter’s father, asks him to take control and be Mr Fixit for his bedtime stories. Skeeter visits the right person to talk and the situation is sorted out. Although the Bedtime Stories failed to benefit him, Skeeter Bronson seized the bull by its horn and fixed the situation.

Every thing is sorted out in the end. Skeeter Bronson gets Jill, the fairest maiden in the land of Bedtime Stories. They operate a new hotel called “Marty’s Hotel.” Barry Nottingham becomes a nurse at the very school he almost demolished to make way for a new hotel. Violet Nottingham takes over the hotel business from her father. Violet and Mickey make a good couple as they run their new hotel by the beach.

Skeeter Bronson and Jill share babysitting responsibilities with Wendy, the divorced sister with the 2 kids. The villains in Bedtime Stories become the underdogs while the former underdogs become rich, important people. Bedtime Stories has a happy ending.

Photos from Bedtime Stories. There are 21 stills from Bedtime Stories.

Bedtime Stories trailer video.

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