Bethany Townsend modeling with Crohn’s disease

Bethany Townsend is changing from being a makeup artist, to a model. Bethany Townsend, 23, from Worchester, England, suffered a crisis when doctors ordered her to be fitted with colostomy bags in 2010. She had been suffering from Crohn’s disease since she was three years old. She suffered from digestive system problems due to Crohn’s disease. When her relationship with her boyfriend turned serious, she showed him her colostomy bags but he was not discouraged. His acceptance helped Bethany to accept herself too, and grow in confidence.

Physical illness usually takes a toil on mental health as the sick patient feels depressed after battling the symptoms of disease. Patients who fight back to create new, positive images demonstrate the tenacity of the human spirit.

Mrs Townsend was on her honeymoon in Mexico, and decided to buck her feeling of devastation by posing in a black bikini and having her picture taken with her colostomy bags. Mrs Townsend almost laid bare her soul as she exposed herself to vulnerability by revealing her illness. She wanted to send a message to fellow Crohn’s patients, to tell them to be comfortable in their own skin, despite the conditions. Nine million people viewed Mrs Townsend’s photo with her colostomy bags, warts and all.

Mrs Townsend’s troubles did not end there but escalated when she caught the MRSA bug and had a near brush with death. She received a stem cell transplant. Her colostomy bags did not stop Crohn’s disease in their tracks but has persisted to haunt her.

Bethany Townsend was a makeup artist but has decided to start a new career showing off her body. She was aspired to work as a model after the overwhelming positive acceptance of her disease. She wants to set an example to encourage others who are struggling with Crohn’s disease. You can search for Bethany Townsend’s photos on facebook or in any search engine.

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