Bree Boyce Miss South Carolina, Bree Boyce photos

Bree Boyce Miss South Carolina appeared on Good Morning America. Bree Boyce, 22, talked about how she lost 110 pounds, to win the beauty pageant.

Bree Boyce used to weigh 234 pounds, until she made her commitment to lose weight. She lost 110 pounds. Changing her life style, eating habits, exercising and staying focused all helped Ms Boyce to loose weight. Taking care of her body paid of for Boyce. She showed she had the right stuff in her to make a comeback to being a beauty queen.

Boyce used to be a child beauty pageant contestant, until she reached 7 years of age. Boyce piled on weight and stopped competing in beauty contests. At the height of her weight gain, Boyce was wearing size 18 jeans. She has kept a pair to show to herself, and others, how far she had come since her journey in dieting and exercise.

On Tue, July 12, 2011, Boyce shared her weight loss story. She said she had no short cuts to losing weight. A combination of sensible diet and exercise helped her lose weight. Boyce said she ate healthy foods, in moderation, and reduced the servings of each intake. Boyce lost weight and helped her knees which had previously hurt because they buckled uner the heavy body weight. Boyce, being Miss South Carolina, is set to compete in Miss America, come Jan 2012.

Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce

Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce

Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce

Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce

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