Brooke Shields marijuana pipe: Brooke Shields smoking weed

Updated May 21 2014 – Michael Jace, 51, an actor, allegedly confessed to shooting his second wife, April Jace. Mr Jace was a time bomb waiting to explode as his anger remained unchecked. He married Jennifer Bitterman but divorced her in 2002. Bitterman filed for divorce in 1995. Although they separated in 1997, the divorce was only finalized in 2002. Bitterman won custody for Jordan. Mr Jace did not give up easily as he fought with Bitterman for the custody of his son Jordan.

Mr Jace is best known for his role in The Shield. People who know him fleetingly said he was a devoted family man. Only those in the inner circle knew about his quick temper and anger issues. It is ironic that an actor known for portraying a police officer has broken the law and taken a human life.

On May 19 2014, Mr Jace called 911 to confess to emergency responders that he shot April Jace, 40. She had returned home with the couple’s two sons, at night, when Michael confronted her. The two boys under ten years old, witnessed their dad shoot their mum. The fatal shot was fired after the parents argued over money issues as Mr Jace was made a bankrupt in 2011. Friends of the couple said Mr Jace was ambitious and wanted to achieve more in his career.

Mr Jace should have tried therapy for anger management. There are inexpensive group counseling sessions for budget conscious clients like Mr Jace. How does a person manage anger? He should recognize his triggers. What causes the angry feelings? He can avoid going downhill on the anger trodden path, by walking away from potentially explosive situations.
During Jace’s first divorce case, his anger and domestic rage episodes were exposed. There were no stories about whether he attended any therapy to deal with his issues. If he did not get professional help, he slipped through the cracks. Jace is at the mercy of the court system now.

Sep 28 2012 – Brooke Shields, now 47, has been linked to HR, the singer of the band Bad Brains. Shields may have been the woman/ girl shown in a picture with HR. The female was seated beside HR, and holding a pipe. The person who shared the photo claimed the lady was Brooke Shields.

The actress has denied that she was in the picture. The female looked like Brooke Shields but there was no definite conformation.

HR is a known Rastafarian. His beliefs include smoking cannabis, as a way of life.

If That was Brooke Shields in the photo, then her previous statemsnts about not using drugs would be very controversial.

Brook used to say that her mother offered to do drugs with her, becasue the older woman would get the best grade of drugs, to prevent death from taking impure drugs.

Brooke Shields said her mother was unconventional and on the bohemian side. She credited her clean life to her mother’s open attitude towards drugs.

it would reflect badly on ms Shields, if she turnes out to be the woman in the picture, smoking the pipe.

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