Cameron Bay three degree relation to Sidney Leathers

Cameron Bay, a porn star, has HIV. She made contact with a male actor, who then shared intimacy with Sidney Leathers, in a blue film. In the small world of adult entertainment, there was only three degrees of separation between Cameron Bay and Sidney Leathers.

If you search for Cameron Bay, you may not get the actual details. The name is a pseudonym.

Ms Bay said her recent male actor partner was Xander Corvus, who acted as Anthony Weiner. Leathers acted with Corvus, in the film, Weiner and Me. She said she has been re-tested after the shoot, and her result was negative.

If Ms Bay has HIV, could Corvus be having HIV too?

Gossip needs to be taken with a grain of salt. All talk is fleeting. Bay is no stranger to the bright lights of Hollywood. In 2009, Bay went on VH1’s Tool Academy. She has a record of criminal history, in Arizona. Her offences ranged from traffic violations, to fraud and assault.

Ms Bay started acting in porn movies, in 2010. Critics are none too worried as the first test result may not be accurate. She may be lucy and escape the disease.

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More details coming soon.

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