Cameron Diaz & Diddy dating again

Cameron Diaz and Diddy may be dating after all. Diaz and Diddy were seen at Dream Downtown Hotel, in New York, in early December 2011.

The rumors about Diaz and Diddy being together started a long time ago, in October, or even earlier.

In October, Diddy and Diaz were seen at Catch restaurant, in New York. In November, they were seen sharing lunch together at Scarpetta, in Beverly Hills, Ca. Being seen together twice is too much of a coincidence. At the Hotel, Diddy was allegedly kissing Diaz. From the West Coast to the East Coast, Diaz and Diddy are making gossip news. Diaz and Diddy were linked long ago, in 2008, but their romance fizzled out. Diaz’s PR agent has denied her relationship with Diddy. The spokesman said they two celebrities were developing a project together. Their meetings were for business.

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