Danny Glover & Eliane Cavalleiro marriage, Danny Glover & Eliane Cavalleiro wedding

Danny Glover is going to get married to Eliane Cavalleiro. Glover told this to a crowd at a film festival. Glover is 63 and Cavalleiro is 43.

On Monday, November 16, Glover talked about his future with Cavalleiro. Glover said he wanted to be with Cavalleiro and was willing to live anywhere with her. However, they had some practical issues with logistics and have to work around that.

Who is Eliane Cavalleiro? Cavalleior is a teacher, living in Brazil. Glover and Cavalleiro have been dating for a long time, since they met in 2003. Glover was in Brazil for the World Social Forum when he met Cavalleiro there. Since then, their relationship has blossomed.

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