Degrassi Luke Bilyk: Luke Bilyk updates (photo)

The TV character Adam, from the series “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, has a homophobic stepbrother, Drew, who is played by Luke Bilyk. Luke Bilyk plays Drew Torres in “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, in season 10.

Luke Bilyk is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 152 pounds. Bilyk is athletic in build, has brown hair and blue eyes. Bilyk is a Caucasian with Italian roots.

Bilyk is a drummer and his other hobbies are ice hockey, volley ball, football, soccer, dirt biking, rollerblading, golf, baseball, swimming, cycling, basketball, tennis, track and field sports and trampoline jumping. Bilyk can dance hip hop, modern, breakdance, club and do the free style dance. Bilyk sings in Alto.

Luke Bilyk.

Luke Bilyk

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3 thoughts on “Degrassi Luke Bilyk: Luke Bilyk updates (photo)

  1. loveing seeing drew act its so entertaining


  3. OMG is he also a dancer and a singer???? O.o

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