Diana Hyland: John Travolta’s former girlfriend Diana Hyland (photos/video)

Diana Hyland was an actress who won the covetous Emmy Award posthumously. Hyland was born Diana Gentner in Ohio, on Jan. 25, 1936. Hyland acted in Robert Montgomery Presents, The Eleventh Hour, The Twilight Zone, The Chase, Young Doctor Malone and Peyton Place.

Diana Hyland started her friendship with John Travolta in 1976. Travolta was 16 years younger than her, at 24. Hyland was 40 years old. Travolta’s better known credit was in TV’s “Welcome back, Kotter.” Travolta and Hyland acted in “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.” (1976)

Hyland had breast cancer at 40. She had a mastectomy but failed to recover. Hyland became so sick she had to quit work. Hyland kept her illness a secret. Less than one year later, on March 27, 1977, Hyland died with Travolta at her bedside. Hyland was 41 when she passed away. Hyland had a son, age 4 at the time of her death. Zachary Goodson, the child of Diana Hyland and Joseph Goodson, went to live with his father after Hyand died.

Diana Hyland video link. This is a slide show video with many photos of Hyland.

Diana Hyland and John Travolta-A Love Story video link.

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble 1/12 (1976) with Diana Hyland – video link.

Diana Hyland wiki.

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