DJ Hideo: DJ Hideo cause of death (photos)

DJ Hideo, a disc jockey based in LA, California, has died on Saturday, April 24. DJ Hideo had fought a year long hard fight against colon cancer. Hideo died at the age of 41.

DJ Hideo died in hospital. His close friend revealed that he gave instructions to his doctors and nurses. Hideo told his doctors not to revive him if he died. He refused to see visitors during his last hours as he was in great pain. Hideo finally passed away in Mission Hospital, in Orange County, California, on April 23.

Hideo knew he was in a bad way when he checked into Mission Hospital. He felt weak, although his doctors said his vital signs were stable. Hideo used a ventilator to breathe during his last few days in hospital.

When Hideo was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2009, he was already in stage 4 of the disease. He tried to fight his cancer and his medical bills escalated to over $1 million. His family maintains his website,, through which they are accepting donations. In addition to covering his medical, they have to pay for his funeral.

DJ Hideo, RIP.

DJ Hideo.

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