Fabio Viviani wife Jessica: Fabio Viviani divorce rumor

Feb 12 2011 – Fabio Viviani is married to Jessica (photo below). There has been some rumor about Viviani being a divorced man but if that was true, the story is not readily available. The rumor came from an unidentified source saying Viviani is in the process of getting a divorce.

Fabio Viviani wife Jessica

Fabio Viviani wife Jessica

Fabio Viviani is a chef who specializes in Italian cooking. He was born in Florence, Italy and his homeland has instilled in him a strong sense of pride in Italian recipes. Viviani is a naturalized US citizen.

Fabio Viviani was a cookery contestant in Top Chef, season 5. Viviani made it to the top 4 semi-finalists, before he was eliminated. He received a congratulatory pat on the back when he was voted Top Chef Fan Favorite.

Fabio Viviani’s bread and butter comes from being a private chef of William Shatner, the actor. He has been paid to promote San Pellegrino, an Italian brand of mineral water, and Dr Oetker, a German brand of frozen pizza.

Viviani is a European chef. He was trained in Mediterranean cuisine and Italian cooking. He chose to highlight Italian cuisine. Viviani has started an Italian restaurant called Café Firenze Italian Restaurant and Martini Bar, in Ventura County.

Fabio Viviani said the cast of Jersey Shore will not survive Italy when they travel there to film Season 4. Viviani said the cast was not representative of the Italians nor American-Italians. Snooki and The Situation are so showy, they would attract negative attention in Italy and they might be targeted. The cast of Jersey Shore will start filming around Spring, in May 2011. The season 4 will premiere in late fall 2011.

Sep 27 2009 – Fabio Viviani sues Michael Takeda: Why did Viviani sue Takeda (photo)
Fabio Viviani, a fan favorite of the reality TV show “Top Chef”, and Jacopo Falleni, are suing Michael Takeda. Viviani claimed Takeda hired himself and Falleni to work in his restaurant, Café Firenze, in 2006. Viviani claimed he was cheated when Takeda renegaded on his promises.

Viviani said Takeda promised to pay them $4000 monthly, in addition to 15% ownership of Café Firenze. Viviani said he was partly responsible for the success of Café Firenze as he pulled in the crowds after he was featured in “Top Chef”. Viviani said Café Firenze pulled in almost $4 million a year, which was way above its former $1/2 million per year.

Viviani said Takeda failed to honor his promises of paying their $4000 salaries and giving them15% stake in the restaurant.

Chef Fabio Viviani arrives at Bravo’s 2nd annual A-List Awards held at the Orpheum Theater on April 5, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

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