Fox broadcasts live suicide: Fox suicide

Fox TV is somewhhat unapologetic over its live broadcast of a suicide. It said shootings are seen on TV all the time. Police chased a suspect’s car. he committed suicide after he realized he couldn’t escape. Fox TV had a 5 second delay in transmission of the image. The technician was slow, didn’t hit the button to stop the relay of the live suicide. How many alert people are there who have a slight inkling of ESP? Fox ended up with a live broadcast of a suicide.

The suspect stole a Dodge Caliber vehicle, using a gun. When police gave chase, he fired at the law enforcement. he also shot at a helicopter. After he ditched the Dodge, he went on foot, down a track. Then he shot himself.

Shepard Smith, the news anchor apologized profusely. He promised that he won’t let another live suicide air while he’s the Fox news anchor in charge.

Updated – he was identified as Jordon F Romero. He was on parole, but violated the terms of his release. Romero was suspected to possess a weapon. He became a wanted man again.

Romero, 33, had a history of crime and convictions.

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