Hugh Jackman says use sunscreen to prevent skin cancer

This is the only post you need to read about Hugh Jackman’s skin cancer and how to spot basal-cell carcinoma. Use sunscreen for early intervention, Doctor Mole for detection, and visit your doctor to get a biopsy.

Hugh Jackman has skin cancer and he wants everyone to use sunscreen. Jackman, 45, was spotted at the premiere of “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, on Saturday, May 10, 2014. He was dressed to his nines in a two piece suit. Jackman had an extra accessory on his face. It was a plaster over a surgical cut, which Jackman revealed to be basal-cell carcinoma. He said he underwent an emergency operation on Thursday, May 8, when he was told his biopsy indicated a cancerous growth on the upper bridge of his nose. Jackman’s first brush with skin cancer was in 2013, when he underwent treatment. He disclosed his prognosis was good and the successful operation had removed all traces of basal-cell carcinoma. However, his cancer was only briefly in remission before it returned. Hugh Jackman has an important message to his fans and anybody else who might be listening – wear sunscreen and get regular checkups. Jackman’s concern with his cancer skin is valid as this is the second time cancer has returned to the same spot on his nose. He was no shrinking violet as he shared the grim prognosis on social media, thanking his doctors, Dr. Arian and Dr. Albom. Jackman was doing a selfless act by shouting a warning, to “PLEASE! PLEASE! WEAR SUNSCREEN!” Get better soon, Jack! Wolverine needs to poke his nose in X’Men business.

May 14 2014 – Kenny Rogers shared his photo in a public service message on skin cancer. The singer urged fans to have skin moles and irregularities checked out. He had large plasters on the right side of his head, after having some skin removed. Mr. Rogers, 75, looked casual and relaxed in a blue T, when he posed for his picture.

What to do to fight skin cancer
1) you spot an unusual mole on your skin, download Doctor Mole, an app that checks moles on your smartphone. This is a first hint that the mole may need expert medical attention.

2) Visit your doctor to have it examined. If there is cause for concern, the doctor will perform a biopsy.

What does Doctor Mole do?
It uses augmented reality to check moles for any warning signs. Irregular features in shape, color and border are red flags. Doctor Mole snaps a picture of the mole ad converts he image into color coded risks for each characteristic. This app stores and compares data to track changes in the mole. It reminds the user to check the mole periodically. Doctor Mole is a fast and cheap screener for users who lack convenient access to doctors. This app is not an alternative to a doctor’s face time examination of the mole.

Prevention is better than cure. Listen to the man when Hugh Jackman says use sunscreen to prevent skin cancer.

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