Jared Remy baby mama Jennifer Martel

Jennifer Martel, 27, died on Thursday, August 15, 2013. She was killed in her apartment in Windsor Village, Waltham.

Martel, the baby mama of Jared W. Remy, was a known victim of domestic violence. It was believed she tried to tear herself away from her rocky relationship.

Remy stands accused of murdering Martel, with a knife. Eye witnesses claimed Remy had no regard over who was watching him commit the slashing crime.

Murder is a crime of passion and the offender may not have premeditated thoughts of the consequences, like conviction with a death penalty, or imprisonment. Jared Remy was in court, on the eve of the fatal knife attack on Martel. The judge ordered him to stop abusing Martel.

After the sign of trouble, Jared Remy was released on Wed., Aug. 14, without the state seeking bail or conditions for his release. Could it be due to Jared being the son of the famous Boston Red Sox broadcaster, Jerry Remy? With a celebrity father, Jared Remy was respected and expected to keep his end of the court order and act nice towards Martel. Jared Remy was released based on his own recognizance. Martel did not appear in court Wednesday, to appeal against his release.

Jared Remy looks like a body builder with a thick neck. He has been linked to steroid usage. Steroids could be responsible for odd behaviors. He has a criminal history in Waltham, tracing back to 1998.

Martel has been with Remy at least 7 years. She knew about his steroid use and his temper with her. Recently, she told her camp she was trying to split up with Remy.

Jennifer Martel worked as an assistant manager in Waltham, to earn a living. She supported her daughter, 4 years old, born with Jared Remy.

Could Jared W Remy be suffering from an illness that caused him to act rashly? Remy was tagged with murder after eye witnesses identified him as Martel’s assailant.

Remy fits the bill for bigorexia. His bulked up frame bears testimony to his efforts. Men with muscle dysmorphia want to have weight gain, as in muscle gain. Bigorexia is the nickname given to this mental illness. Around 45% of the males fall prey to this psychopathology, of thinking their body size is not good enough.

Jennifer Martel, RIP.

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