Jasmine Guy & Terrence Mitchell Duckett: Guy & Duckett divorce debt (photo)

Jasmine Guy, an actress in “A Different World”, has divorced her husband, Terrence Mitchell Duckett. Jasmine Guy gained her pre-marital hard earned cash, possessions and sole custody of their daughter.

Jasmine Guy’s debt has been exposed and its to the tune of $123,503.64, excluding the interest that has accrued over the debt. Duckett has to help pay part of this debt and his share is $94, 354.71. Duckett has to pay interest accrued from his share.

Jasmine Guy has been newly signed to play a role in the Vampire Diaries.

Photo caption:
LisaRaye McCoy-Misick, Michael Misick, Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckette at the launch event for Turks & Caicos International Film Festival in Miami. The New York Daily News reports that there was a violent confrontation at Premier Michael Misick’s office, and it involved Misick and wife LisaRaye, the actress. They were both treated for bite marks at local hospital.

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