Jennifer Griffin Fox News: Jennifer Griffin breast cancer update

Jennifer Griffin, of Fox News, has cancer. Griffin has been a familiar face at Fox News and this recent announcement has shocked many fans. Griffin went off air from Fox News about 6 weeks ago to fight her illness.

Griffin has Stage Three breast cancer and has been undergoing extensive chemotherapy. Griffin had to be away from Fox News to get her aggressive treatment. The doctors are going to operate on Griffin soon.

Jennifer Griffin is married to Greg Myre, who works at NPR. Mr and Mrs Myre have two daughters and a son.

Griffin made a special appearance on Wednesday night, November 11, to be the Master of Ceremony for the Cause event.

Updated March 25 2015
Ms Griffin underwent intensive cancer treatment. She had 17 rounds of chemotherapy and used an experimental drug. It was very tough for her as she suffered an adverse reaction to the drug. After this phase, Jen then went through her next round, which was 5 weeks of radiation. Jen had a double mastectomy. Due to her genetic predisposition for cancer, she was advised to get her ovariectomy and hysterectomy. At this point, Ms Jennifer Griffin is in remission and is cancer free.

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3 thoughts on “Jennifer Griffin Fox News: Jennifer Griffin breast cancer update

  1. cindy murrish says:

    Jeniffer I have breast cancer triple negative. I have very short hair too its finally growing back. I am so glad you are doing well. surgery out for me. Enjoy Fox News its the best.

    Cindy Murrish

  2. sherman harris, D.Min. says:

    I think Jennifer is adorable, special.

  3. sherman harris, D.Min. says:

    Jennifer, I think you are adorable, special. My wife was healed of stage 4 lung cancer, now in 7th year and no cancer.

    May God bless you.

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