Jermaine Jones criminal past

Jermaine Jones could have been saved from elimination by American Idol bosses. Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick have revealed that they could have given Jones a second or third chance, had he not lied to them about his criminal past. In 2011, Jones was arrested by police a couple of times. He gave fictitious names to the authorities. Jones later incurred outstanding warrants of arrest, after he failed to comply to certain requirements. American Idol producers learned of Jones’ past and had confronted him. Part of the ensuing confrontation was filmed for the AI show.

A brief summary of Jermaine Jones’ criminal history –
In 2006, Jones was arrested on a drug charge.
In 2008, Jones was again arrested for having an open container of an intoxicant.
In March 2011, Jones was arrested after he agve a fake name to police. He wanted to avoid his earlier charges.
In November 2011, Jones again gave a false name, while being questioned by police. He was again arrested.

On Tuesday, March 13, 2011, Jones was told he would be disqualified from the singing competition. Jones has his regular job to fall back on. He is a singing coach in Pine Hill, New Jersey.

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