John Hawkins, Gene Hanson, Dr Bogg: What happened to Hawkins, Hanson & Bogg

John Hawkins was an alleged con man who conspired with Gene Hanson and Dr Boggs. Dr Boggs used the dead body of another man to claim that Hanson died in his office.

Boggs claimed the deceased was Gene Hanson. Hawkins claimed the body and had the victim cremated. Hawkins filed for insurance claims.

The dead man was Ellis Greene. Greene was identified by finger prints. He was allegedly killed by suffocation.

Dr Boggs, Hawkins and Hanson were arrested. Boggs was convicted of murder and has to serve life in prison.

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One thought on “John Hawkins, Gene Hanson, Dr Bogg: What happened to Hawkins, Hanson & Bogg

  1. Last week, I took a break away from a homeless shelter in Laguna Beach, CA to spend the night at an inexpensive motel in San Clemente, CA. While in my motel room, I ended up watching a satilite / cable television show documentary about who Dr. Boggs, John Hawkins and Gene Hanson were and, the crime that the three men were responsible for. I was not too surprised to learn that Richard Boggs had been a Seventh-Day Adventist at the time and, had been involved with Adventist hospital – Loma Linda Medical Center and, had worked with other Adventist physicians; I grew up around Seventh-Day Adventists during the 1960’s and early 70’s and, have discovered some of them to be quite clever at rebelling against state and/or federal law, lying / manipulating / controlling of people, being defiant, being noncomformists, prideful, arrogant, contradictory and, hypocritical. My mother had been raised by two Adventist parents, but was never baptized and, ended up marrying my father who was raised Catholic. I was never baptized and consider myself an agnostic / evolutionist. When I was 15, I ran away from my dysfunctional, alcoholic mother who had lost authority in her house to my abusive, controlling, manipulative, dishonest sister who, later became an Adventist without changing her behavior or ways of doing things. Less than a year after living with my estranged father in Ventura while my parents were separated, someone poisoned me by placing a skin, blood, and bone marrow penetrating chemical on the handle bar grip of my motorcycle in 1976 at the Citrus Tree / Citrus Grove apartment complex in Saticoy, Ventura. For 12 years, I did not know I had been poisoned, but Ventura Adventists knew as well as Ventura Mormons, Jews, Catholics, Presbyterians, Baptists, and Lutherans, but I was not told half the truth until 1988. In 1986, I ended up on Social Security Disability and S.S.I. from what had been done to me. It was Evan Slater, M.D. and his associate Dr. Gwyn who had tried to cover-up the poisoning and, participated in committing a felony by having a motorist hit me with his front bumper while I was stopped at a red traffic light on my Honda 250 motorcycle; they knew my spleen had become dangerously enlarged from the chemical causing excessive osmotic fragility of my red blood cells after genetically damaging my bone marrow DNA. They wanted me to end up in a Ventura hospital emergency room with a ruptured spleen. The “staged accident” by the motorist who was told to hit me with his front bumper, was unsuccessful in rupturing my enlarged spleen. I was anemic with jaundice from my deformed blood cells being prematurely destroyed in the capillaries of my spleen. I was going to die if my spleen was not removed soon; four years had already passed since I was poisoned in 1976. By 1981, I had moved from living with my alcoholic father in Ventura, back to my mother’s residence in Orange County, CA. I contracted pneumonia from having such a low blood count and ended up in Los Alamtos Medical Center under the care of hematologist Robert Minow, M.D. A Pasadena, Huntington Community Hospital Adventist physician of Internal Medicine by the name of Robert W. Janes, M.D., ended up having surgeon Dr. Gaspard remove my enlarged spleen at Huntington Community Hospital. Dr. Gaspard and Robert W. Janes ended up illegally selling my spleen to a pharmaceutical drug research and development company in Los Angeles who, with help from the department of hematology at U.C.L.A. were illegally obtaining human spleens to develop a new immunology drug considered to be of medical importance during the 1980’s. I wonder if Robert Janes, M.D. knew or had associated with Dr. Boggs.

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