Kate Middleton frontal nudity photos: Middleton naked pictures

Se Og Hor, a magazine in Denmark, published Kate Middleton’s photos, showing her nude bottom. See or Hear, went ahead to print Middleton’s frontal nudity. Will kate Middleton still be Queen one day?

Everyone wants to see Kate Middleton bottomless. She was, but for a short time, while pulling up her bikini bottom up. The photographer took her pictures.

Of course, the Duchess was bottomless while she sunbathed. Now we see the wisdom of Snooki using the tanning bed, in the privacy of an enclosed space. A tanning bed is un-natural, but affords pribvacy.

France’s Closer has been sued and stopped its naked pictures print of Middleton. Other magazines are continuing to profit with newer photos of Middleton’s nudity.

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