Kate Norley & John Oliver engagement, Kate Norley & John Oliver marriage wedding (video)

John Oliver, 33, the host of The Daily Show, is engaged to Kate Norley. Oliver started dating Norley in 2008. Norley is a beautiful young woman with a strong purpose in life.

Kate Norley used to work in the army as a combat medic dealing with mental health. Norley joined the army after September 11 as she felt inspired to do her duty as an American citizen.

Kate Norley has served in Iraq. Being a war veteran, Norley truly knows the situation out there. Norley has spoken out about the need for suffcient funds to back Amraican troops in Iraq.

Norley said the social status of women is improving in Iraq. The women are attending schools and learning institutions.

John Oliver said he admired his fiancee. Oliver joked about dating a woman who has done something valuable in her life.

Kate Norley grew up in a comfortable family. Her parents sent her to the Episcopal High School, a cushy private school, in Arlington, Virginia.

Kate Norley

Kate Norley

Kate Norley on TV, when she spoke about her experiences as a combat medic serving in Iraq.

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