Katy Perry brother David Hudson: David Hudson not gay

Katy Perry’s younger brother, David Hudson, allegedly came out of the closet to announce he is a gay. Perry broke the news but later had a change of heart and took it back. So, is David Hudson gay?

Katy Perry was born Katy Hudson but she changed her name to take on her mother’s maiden name. She didn’t want to be confused with the actress Kate Hudson. Perry’s parents are both pastors.

Updated Jan 27 2010 – David Hudson looked us up and wrote a comment. Hudson clarified that he is not gay but straight. His sister, Katy Perry, cracked a joke at his expense.

Thanks for swinging by, David.

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5 thoughts on “Katy Perry brother David Hudson: David Hudson not gay

  1. David Hudson (katys brother) says:

    Hello, I just want to clarify that I am indeed not gay. I have the utmost respect for the gay community but I myself have never had any homosexual desires/feelings. It really boils down to a sister that had a bit too much to drink on Christmas day and twittering a “joke” that really wasn’t that funny. Thank you.

  2. You are rather fit for someone our age.

  3. Hi David, you have all the reason. I’m a Katy Cat, and Katy is, very funny XD But the papparazzis don’t have control.

  4. Sorry David I don’t believe you.

  5. I met David at a youth conference last year or so and honestly he doesn’t seem to put off as someone who’s gay. So I believe him.

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