Steven Seagal stalker Angela Rain Bates: Bates & Seagal updates (photo)

July 29 2010 – Steven Seagal is in the news again after Angela Rain Bates stalked him at his home. Angela Rain Bates, 55, was arrested on July 14, for stalking Steven Seagal. Bates attacked Seagal’s groundskeeper and threw rocks into Seagal’s house.

Angela Bates started her attacks when she ran down the driveway of Seagal’s home. The Groundskeeper tried to stop her but she assaulted him by kicking his groin and shin.

Angela Bates told police she was married to Seagal’s father and she lived in Seagal’s home for 20 years. But Seagal’s father has already died and his last known spouse was not named as Angela Bates.

Angela Bates was arrested and charged with battery, vandalism and trespassing. Bates was slapped with several misdemeanor charges and detained in jail. Bates pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Steven Seagal has filed a petition for a temporary restraining order against Angela Bates. The judge has granted Seagal’s TRO and Angela Bates has to stay 100 yards away from Seagal, his family, and their groundskeeper.

April 12 2010 – Kayden Nguyen sued Steven Seagal

Kayden Nguyen (photos below), 23, filed a lawsuit against Steve Seagal, for sexual harassment. Kayden Nguyen sued Seagal as she claimed she was sexually assaulted from day one, when she showed up at work. Nguyen said Seagal kept sex slaves and she was expected to be one such sex slave in his personal harem of two slaves. Seagal had other women besides his wife and former wives (photos below).

Kayden Nguyen was not from the inner circle of Steven Seagal, 58, so she was completely unaware what were the unstated job requirements expected from her.

Nguyen started working for Seagal on February 22, 2010. A few days later, Nguyen left her place of employment on Feb 28, 2010.

Nguyen said she answered an ad in Craigslist for an executive assistant. She attended 3 interviews before she was hired. Immediately, she was told her job was in New Orleans. This fact was accounted for in Nguyen’s lawsuit as she has alleged Seagal trafficked women for sexual slavery.

Kayden Nguyen claimed Seagal trafficked women for sex because she was hired in LA, California, but was told to fly to New Orleans to work in Seagal’s house there, as he was filming the A & E reality TV show, “Steven Seagal Lawmen”, on location, in N.O.

Nguyen claimed on Day One, Seagal molested her breast. On Day Two, Seagal allegedly molested her nether regions. Seagal refused to give up and sexually molested her again by attacking her chest. These claims were made by Nguyen.

Nguyen decided to leave Seagal’s house without her belongings as she wanted to flee as soon as possible. She waited outside for a cab but Seagal came after her with a gun.

We don’t know how far Nguyen’s claims of sexual assault are true. Seagal’s wife and child were allegedly staying in the same house in New Orleans. How could Seagal have committed molest under the same roof as his wife and child?

Seagal allegedly told Nguyen that his wife would not mind if he had a sexual relationship with another woman. There had always been rumors that certain actors had open marriages and they were also swingers. But Steven Seagal wasn’t named as one of the likely candidates for open marriages.

Steven Seagal wears many hats. Seagal has been an action movie actor, producer, writer, martial artist, guitarist, and deputy sheriff. Now Nguyen is alleging Seagal wore the molester’s personality.

Jenny McCarthy claimed Steven Seagal ordered her to strip when she auditioned for him. McCarthy said she cried because of the way Seagal treated her.

Other personal assistants to Seagal said he asked them to remove his shoes on a daily basis.

Kelly LeBrock, Seagal’s ex wife, is writing her book that will be a tell-all memoir. Kelly LeBrock said she wasn’t surprised at Kayden Nguyen’s claims that Seagal sexually assaulted her.

LeBrock said she would not be talking about Seagal until her book comes out.

Blair Robinson, the grand-daughter of Ray Charles, the singer-musician, wrote a sworn affidavit, to say that Steven Seagal tried to sexually molest her on two occasions. The post is below:

Blair Robinson: Ray Charles grand daughter Blair Robinson (photos)

Steven Seagal’s personal life:

Steven Seagal was born on April 10, 1952.
Steven Seagal’s first wife was Miyako Fujitani. Seagal and Fujitani had two children – Kentaro Seagal and Ayako Fujitani. These children are grown up and working adults.

Photo of Steven Seagal and Miyako Fujitani, while they were living in Japan.

Steven Seagal divorced Fujitani to marry Adrienne La Russa, an actress. But Seagal’s divorce from Fujitani was not fully legalized. After his marriage to La Russa, Seagal then had an affair with Kelly LeBrock, a model. Seagal then annulled his marriage to La Russa.

Adrienne La Russa photo.

Seagal’s third marriage was to Kelly LeBrock, on Sep 5, 1987. Seagal and LeBrock had 3 children together – Annaliza Seagal, Arissa Seagal and Dominic Seagal. In 1994, Kelly LeBrock filed for divorce from Steven Seagal. In her divorce papers, LeBrock cited irreconcilable differences but later, it was revealed that Seagal had fallen for Arissa Wolf, a nanny who looked after Seagal’s children, in 1995.

Kelly LeBrock photo, during the height of her modeling career.

Steven Seagal and Arissa Wolf have a daughter, Savannah Seagal, from their relationship.

Steven Seagal & Arissa Wolf photo.

Seagal’s faith is in Tibetan Buddhist belifes. He is the guardian of a Tibetan girl, Yabshi Pan Rinzinwangmo. Rinzinwangmo, or “Renji”, is the only child of the 10th Panchen Lama of Tibet. When Renji was studying in the US, Seagal was her guardian and bodyguard.

Yabshi Pan Rinzinwangmo/ Renji photo.

Kayden Nguyen appeared on an episode of “The Gay Kingdom”, where she talked about using women and men to her advantage. Nguyen was filmed on Jan 29, 2009.

Kayden Nguyen in “The Gay Kingdom” video.

Updated –

Steven Seagal claimed through his lawyer, Marty Singer, that Kayden Nguyen was a dissatisfied former employee who was fired for using illegal narcotics. Seagal claimed her lawsuit was a complete fabrication.

Kayden Nguyen photo.

There was a smear campaign when some people sent nude and naked pictures of a woman, who they claimed to be Kayden Nguyen, to at least one gossip tabloid. Ms Nguyen has approached the tabloid to deny the claim that the nude photos were hers.

Updated May 11 2010:

Steven Seagal married Elle, his former assistant, after she worked for him for 5 years. Elle and Seagal’s son, King Seagal, is now 6 months old.

Seagal and Elle’s marriage was done secretly, before King was born.

Elle comes from Mongolia and doesn’t speak English well. Seagal may have been trying to shield her.

Updated July 2010:
Kayden Nguyen has dropped her lawsuit against Steven Seagal.

Updated August 28 2013
Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock.
Steven Seagal met Kelly LeBrock in 1987. Although they were part of Hollywood, they only met up when they were in Japan, for a publicity event. LeBrock fell in love with Seagal, without realising the full extent of his previous two relationships with wives. He failed to finalize his divorces, but went ahead to propose to LeBrock. They married but their relationship lasted 9 years, before splitting in 1996. LeBrock may still be bound by terms and conditions of her divorce, as she has not discussed her marriage with Seagal. Other than telling it was a difficult divorce, she did not say much. LeBrock got custody of her 3 children with Seagal, and retired from Hollywood. They lived on a ranch, in Santa Barbara. LeBrock described her life as tiring, but fulfilling. Her children socialized with the ordinary people on the streets. She said those were the real people in life. Back in 2000, LeBrock slowly returned to acting.

There was a rumor that LeBrock could have suffered post traumatic stress syndrome, and became a recluse on her ranch. She needed time to heal.

Seagal has been dodged by rumors on his private life. He has won out in the long run, as his detractors were forced to withdraw their allegations.

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