Kevin Hart divorce Torrei Hart (photo)

Kevin Hart has filed his divorce lawsuit against his estranged wife, Torrei Hart. Kevin and Torrei had been married for almost 8 years, from May 22, 2003, to February 5, 2010. Kevin stated irreconcilable differences as the reason for his divorce.

Kevin and Torrei had two kids together. The children ate Heavenly Hart, 5, and her brother, Hendricks Hart, 3. Kevin wants sole custody of his kids. He asked the court to refuse to award spousal support to Torrei.

Kevin Hart is taking steps to ensure Torrei does not run away with the kids. He asked the court to enforce an order banning Torrei form taking the kids out of California without his permission or a court order.

Kevin Hart divorce Torrei Hart

Kevin Hart & Torrei Hart

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