Kim Fields & Christopher Morgan: Morgan & Fields updates (photo)

Kim Victoria Fields was born on May 12, 1969. Fields started as an actress but has progressed to be a TV director. Fields is most famous as Totie Ramsey in “The Facts Of Life” and as Regine Hunter in “Living Single”.

Kim Fields lives in NYC, New York. She used to be married to Johnathan Franklin Freeman, from 1995 to 2001, until they were divorced.

Kim Fields married Christopher Morgan. Fields and Morgan had a child together, and he is named Sebastian Alexander Morgan. Sebastian Morgan was born on May 4, 2007. After Sebastian was born, Kim Fields married Christopher Morgan, on July 23, 2007. Pastor Donnie McClurkin officiated at their marriage and they had a private wedding.

Christopher Morgan is a stage actor, who is well known on Broadway.

Kim Fields and Christopher Morgan.

Kim Fields & Christopher Morgan

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