Kimbra Lo, Alyssa Ferguson, Marissa Wilson, Tesa Lubans-Dehaven sue Dov Charney

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Mar 24 2011 – Kimbra Lo, an ex sales person from American Apparel, sued Dov Charney, for sexual harassment. Kimbra Lo, 19, alleged she was taken advantage of sexually when she visited Charney in his LA home, in Dec 2010, to discuss about being rehired by American Apparel.

Kimbra claimed Charney invited her to his bedroom. He was wearing a towel and started to undress her. Kimbra said she was too frightened to resist. Kimbra accused Charney of trying to take her intimate pictures too. After she left, Kimbra said she called her mother to relate her experience. The older woman called Charney to tell him to stay away from Kimbra. Later, Kimbra called Charney to ask him to apologize for his behavior.

Kimbra Lo said she thought Charney would employ her as a model and photographer, since she had been an employee is a store in New York. Charney did not harass her when she was his worker. After she left, Charney allegedly sent her racy, explicit messages to suggest a keen interest in her. He asked her for photos, saying she would be considered for possible assignments.

Three former staff of American Apparel have also been named in the same lawsuit against Charney. They are Alyssa Ferguson, Marissa Wilson and Tesa Lubans-Dehaven.

Alyssa Ferguson, Marissa Wilson and Tesa Lubans-Dehaven did not speak publicly about the lawsuit because they had signed confidentiality agreements before they worked for American Apparel. They also have arbitration agreements.

Charney’s lawyer, Peter Schey, has responded. He said all the claims were falsified and contrived to cause trouble for the company. He said the claims should be resolved in private arbitration.

In March 2011 alone, Charney has been sued in two lawsuits. One was filed by Irene Morales and this second one was filed by Kimbra Lo. Kimbra Lo and the women in their shared lawsuit want to claim unspecified compensation and punitive damages.

In the mid 2000s, around 2005, Charney was sued by 4 women for sexual harassment. Charney settled the lawsuits which were not dismissed.

Updated –
Kimbra Lo sent Dov Charney sexy emails with fleshy pictures. Charney’s lawyer said her actions undermined her lawsuit.

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  1. That first picture is NOT Kimbra Lo. That is a photo she took of a friend for her Etsy.

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