Marie Osmond & Brian Blosil divorce: Osmond divorced Blosil (photo)

Marie Osmond’s divorce from her second ex husband Brian Blosil cost her a ton of money. Osmond said she was deeply in love when she married Blosil in 1986.

Marie Osmond has to support her former husband with alimony and child support. Osmond said she did not get a pre-nuptial agreement because she did not think her marriage to Blosil would fail. Osmond mentioned she had gotten over it since her divorce almost 2 years ago in 2007. Osmond said that on hindsight, a pre-nup would have been good.

Marie Osmond’s children were fathered by her husbands and some of the kids were adopted. Marie was married to her first husband, Stephen Craig, in 1982. Osmond and Craig divorced in 1985.

Marie Osmond’s second husband was Brian Blosil. Osmond and Blosil married on Oct 28, 1986. Osmond and Blosil divorced in 2007.

Marie Osmond’s children:
1 – Stephen James Craig, was born on April 20, 1983.
2 – Rachael Lauren Blosil, born in 1989
3 – Matthew Richard, born in 1999
4 – Jessica Marie Blosil, born in 1987 (adopted child)
5 – Michael Bryan Blosil, born in 1991, died in 2010. (adopted child)
6 – Brandon Warren Blosil, born in 1996. (adopted child)
7 – Brianna Patricia Blosil, born in 1997 (adopted child)
8 – Abigail Michelle, born in 2002 (adopted child)

Marie Osmond & Brian Blosil divorce – gossip/photo link.

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  1. I just want to say that it’s good that Marie divorced that Fat Slob, And I hope she doesn’t go back to her first ex either. She just needs to be around Men that she can trust, and that’s Gay Men like myself!

  2. There is a small pool of eligible, dating bachelors.

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