Monica Leon, Ray J, Gabriel Cannon: Leon carrying Ray J baby but marrying Cannon (photos)

Updated Feb 4 2010 – Monica “Danger” Leon has been detained by cops from the LAPD. Danger Leon s suspected of committing arson in her Hollywood apartment. LA City Fire Department officers were called to the apartment complex to investigate a fire.

The fire was extinguished when the officers arrived on Thursday afternoon, Feb 4. After some investigation, police detained Danger Leon and took her into custody.

Updated Feb 1 2010 – As expected, the final winner of For The Love Of Ray J is another woman, Mz Berry. Monica Danger has been spoken for, to another man.

Updated Jan 9 2010 – Monica Danger has lost the custody of her baby girl to her biological father. The court decided to award the baby’s custody to the father because Danger was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward soon after her delivery. Danger has accepted the court’s ruling.

Updated Dec 22 – Monica Leon is pregnant again for her second child. The father of her second baby was not officially revealed.

Updated November 2 – Monica Leon is involved in an art exhibition to show off her works. Monica Leon has used her nickname “Danger”, to help brand her exhibit as the “Danger in Wonderland”.

Organic Blood and Dangress Productions are behind the exhibition. The art collection in “Danger in Wonderland” will go on tour from Saturday, November 28. The first stop is at the Kava Lounge in San Diego, California.

Leon’s art exhibition will have its own host, Andrea Brooks. Ms Brooks is a YouTube vlogger. She can be seen at

At the end of the art tour, there will be an after party exclusively for VIPs. Monica “Danger” Leon will be the host. Leon will be launching her return to the public spotlight with her art exhibition.

Monica Danger Leon will be returning to “For The Love Of Ray J” in his season 2. VH1 continues the dating show with a new cast of women on Nov 2.

Danger Leon has a whole lot of work cut out for her. You will be able to buy her book when she releases it in the beginning of the year in 2010.

Monica Danger Leon has given birth to her baby. No other details about the baby were released.

Feb 12 2009 – Monica Leon, whose nickname is “Danger”, claims she has been made pregnant by Ray J. Leon claimed she became pregnant during her time in the reality TV show, “For The Love Of Ray J”.

Leon said she was with Ray J from October to December 2008. Leon claimed she did not get pregnant by choice. Leon claimed her Pill failed her. Leon is presently engaged to marry Gabriel Cannon, Nick Cannon’s brother. Leon has told Ray J about carrying his baby. Ray J is supposedly excited to become a parent.

Leon said she did not want Ray J’s involvement because he had interacted with other women.

A representative for “For The Love Of Ray J” has rubbished Leon’s claims as being untrue.

The National Enquirer and other sites have reported this story.

Monica Leon, Ray J, Gabriel Cannon – link with photo.

Monica Leon, Ray J, Gabriel Cannon – MediaTakeOut link with photo.

Monica Leon showing off her baby bump – video link.

Monica Leon’s art paintings – video link.

Monica Danger website.

Monica Danger Leon

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