Piers Morgan grills Joel Osteen & Victoria Osteen on homosexuality

Joel Osteen is some sort of homophobic pastor. Mr and Mrs Osteen were guests on the Piers Morgan Tonight show. Piers Morgan grills Joel Osteen & Victoria Osteen on homosexuality in their discussion.
Osteen said homosexuality is a sin. He said the way of living out a life is a choice. Homosexuality is a choice and could be chosen. Osteen said there are good people in the homosexuals. Victoria Osteen said they are not judging people, they are only looking at the sexual orientation.

Joel said homosexuality is an addiction. He used the bible to defend his beliefs. He said there are sins in the Bible and the gay trait is not the worst sin. He said being homo is like missing the mark of what the creator made you to be.

Joel said he was not a judge, but hid behind the Scripture. He said the scripture pointed out the sin.

Victoria said they were not going after the sin but the people. She stressed she loved homosexuals like Elton John. Victoria said he was talented.

Piers Morgan said homosexuality is a part of the person. The orientation could not be chosen as the person was made that way. Being gay is not an addiction, like what Joel said.

Morgan trapped the Osteens by asking them to explain their contradictory statements on sin, judging, addiction, and influencing followers. Joel seemed lost in translation.

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