Raz B girlfriend

Who is Raz B and why is he in the news? Raz B is De’Mario Monte Thornton, now 28. He was an original member of the Rhythm and Blues boy band, B2K. Raz B has been hailed a hero, for his social responsibility, after he tried to break up a fight in a bar, in China. He caught a glass bottle square in the face, for his heroism.

Raz B suffered blunt force trauma and fell into a coma. He has been hospitalized in a critical condition, and placed under life support.

Raz B was singing at the night spot, when he intervened. He had a cut lip from the broken bottle, and had minor surgery, to stitch up the wound. It was unknown if he had other medical checks. Evidently, it was not treated as a serious incident, until he failed to regain consciousness the following day, after he fell asleep for the night.

Raz B is presently in hospital, drifting in and out of consciousness. He breathes with the help of a ventilator and his vital signs are not good. Will Raz B die or live? This is a crucial time. His friends are calling for prayers.

Raz B, China and glass are jinxed. In 2012, he fell through a glass sliding door, in his hotel room, also in China. He underwent 5 hours of surgery, to patch up his slashed wrist. His singing engagements had to be cancelled.

Raz B has made an enemy out of Chris Brown. He made some comments about Brown being possibly impartial to the male gender. He claimed Brown had a relationship with Andre Merritt. Brown fiercely denied it.

Raz B has many friends. One of them, is a girl, and may not be his girlfriend, but she is named as Maia Campbell. She has expressed her concern, at his condition. Maia herself is a controversial figure, being shadowed by scandal related to the darker side of human nature.

Updated Aug. 19, 2013 –
Raz B has pulled through. He has regained consciousness and is able to respond. Guess the power of prayers worked.

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