Real Housewives of Miami James Davis Elaine Lancaster (photos)

James Davis & Elaine Lancaster

James Davis & Elaine Lancaster

James Davis is a drag queen and he has the honor of being the first drag queen to appear in The Real Housewives of Miami. James Davis will dress up and appear as his alter ego, Elaine Lancaster.

James Davis said he experienced some in-fighting among the Housewives of Miami, as they competed to be the alpha female, queen, or leading lady in the cast. Davis is friends with Lea Black and she persuaded him to join the cast.

Davis said Lea Black was the only Housewife who had personal wealth before she married her husband. Davis pointed out that the rest of the Housewives married into money.

As James Davis is an actor, he will be in The Real Housewives of Miami in two different characters. In some scenes, Davis will appear as himself. In other scenes, he will appear as Elaine Lancaster.

Elaine Lancaster

Elaine Lancaster

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