Sarah Miles, Lawrence Olivier, Vivien Leigh triangle

Sarah Miles was 18 when she acted opposite Lawrence Olivier, in Term of Trial, in 1962. Miles was a fan of Olivier, ever since she was 11 years old.

In a revealing tell-all press interview, Miles referred to Lawrence Olivier as Larry. She said he had a 20 years old relationship with her. Miles and Sir Lawrence Olivier clicked after they shared their domestic troubles on the home front. Olivier experienced his wife’s illnesses and mental personality problems. Miles had a troubled house mate, with mental illnesses like being a manic depressive, schizophrenic, as well as being a nymphomaniac.

Sarah MIles married Robert Bolt. She was in and out and then back in, with Robert Bolt. During her long 20 years, she maintained her friendship with Lawrence Olivier. These days, Ms Miles lives in a manor, and runs a healing retreat for people to spend time and meditate there. Miles has, to introduce people to her manor in Sussex.

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