Signs and symptoms your spouse or partner is cheating on Facebook: This is what I found.

Some soul mates have connected via Facebook, while other people have discovered their partners’ other relationships through Facebook. Instead of lamenting the use of Facebook as a time guzzler, it can be a medium of discoveries, like surfing for signs your significant other is cheating.

Signs and symptoms your spouse or partner is cheating on Facebook. This is what I found.

Do you suspect your spouse or partner is having an affair? Facebook is like a sword that can cut both edges. If a cheater is showing off on Facebook, it is easy to catch this liar. Here are some common and easy to spot signs that a lover (married or unmarried) is cheating you.

1) A mutual friend on Facebook unwittingly shares a photo of your beloved in a compromising position with another person.

2) You go through the accused other person’s Facebook photo albums, to search for more pictures of your beloved with this woman (or man). You download or take screenshots to prove the website where you got your pics.
3)Your significant other is spending more time at work. He/ She has excuses for covering up every new irregular/ new aspect that is different from routine.
4) Your love is spending more time talking on the cell phone, or texting someone. He/ She becomes secretive or possessive about the phone. They may even sleep with the handphone under the pillow.

5) Your partner/ spouse begins to make excuses to sleep in the spare bedroom. They may give the excuse that they want the air-conditioner adjusted to a different temperature that is not to your liking. They may set up the laptop and pretend to work late into the night to avoid going to bed with you.

6) You find receipts for expenses that are not in your normal family expenditure.

7) Your other half says its necessary to travel out of station for work. You are not invited to tag along, even when it is for the weekend.

What to do when you have the material evidence that your significant other is cheating.
1) You arrange for your partner/ spouse to be with the other person, when you go to confront them.

2) If you decide to meet them during working hours, apply for approved leave because you can’t afford to lose your job while going through this crisis.

3) Compose yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually, before you actually meet with the cheaters.

4) If you want to save your marriage/ partnership/ relationship, avoid rushing to air your dirty laundry with friends/ relatives. Other people will place pressure on the cheaters, which may affect the outcome of the resolution.

Who are at risk of committing adultery/ infidelity/ cheating?
1. Couples who have been together for between seven to eight years.

2. There is a 25% chance of committing a boundary crossing leading to an affair when the person is a friend. The chances of being in an illicit relationship with a colleague is around 30%.

3. What are the chances of recovering from the hurt of a cheating spouse?
Around 50% of all partners who have been cheated, will recover from the betrayal. These statistics were compiled after surveying around 200 couples who have at least one spouse/ partner in an affair.

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