Teresa Giudice & Joe Giudice construction company (photos)

Updated September 11 2014 – Teresa and Joe sentencing date October 2 2014
Teresa and Joe have put up their matrimonial home for sale. Teresa hopes to sell her six bedroom house for $3.9 million, close to $4 million. They bought the property for $530,000 in 2002, but spent a lot to renovate and increase its floor area. In 2012, the house in Towaco was estimated to be worth $1.2 million. The Giudice home is in Montville. It was constructed in 2008. The house stands on around 4 acres of land. It used to have a built-in area of 5000 square feet but Joe doubled it to almost 10,000 square feet. It has a pond and a stream. Built with fengshui in mind, the good luck features failed to send windfalls of cash to the couple. They admitted guilt to mail fraud, wire fraud and three other bankruptcy frauds. Teresa and Joe may face sentencing to federal prison for conspiracy to commit fraud. They tried to evade taxes.

The Guidice daughters are –
Gia, 13 years-old,
Gabriella, 10,
Milania, 8,
Audriana, 5.
On Labor Day 2014 September 1, Teresa and her family spent their holiday at the beach. She was decked out in her jewelry, even at the beach dressed in her bikini. She wore multiple bangles and necklaces. Her designer sun glasses spelled glamour. Her face was groomed with thick day makeup. Teresa expressed her love and stand with Joe. She supports him fully before their sentencing. During the summer months of 2014, Teresa, Joe and their four daughters modeled a variety of beach wear and posted their selfies online. They exhibited a show of strong family support. If Teresa and Joe are put behind bars, they would not see real sunshine and beaches for months or years. Previously, in Christmas 2013, Teresa and Joe were taped talking about his impending prison sentence and how they would cope. However, they celebrated X’mas 2013 as normally as they could. The parents even bought a cute puppy with fluffy white hair for their daughters. Last year, Teresa didn’t know she could face a prison term too for her role. They assumed Joe would be taking the brunt of the legal troubles. Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga didn’t get along with her. But at this point, she wished she could do more to help her. Teresa’s brother Joe offered to lend his support whenever they needed him.

Dina Manzo is newly divorced. She lost her husband and will lose also her daughter Lexi. The girl is moving away to college.

Joe’s father, Frank Guidice, died in June 2014. The judge delayed sentencing to allow the family some time to grieve.

Victoria Gotti said Teresa Aprea’s husband, Rino, admitted to her that he cheated on Teresa Aprea. He slept with Teresa’s mother Santa. Teresa Aprea and her twin sister Nicole Napolitano were known to be nursing bad blood between them so none of the women were surprised to hear that Teresa’s husband had slept around. TA herself knew that, especially after their first divorce. They re-married each other years later because they felt they still shared the love.

Updated June 5 2010 – Joe Giudice has filed his bankruptcy papers. Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe Giudice are in debt. Joe Guidice claimed he makes $79,000 from his construction job. The Real Housewives of New Jersey couple, Joe Guidice and Teresa Giudice, have been living beyond their means. The Giudice couple are alleged to be owing $11 million.

Teresa Giudice is known for her extravagant habits as she buys expensive furniture and outfits for her daughters. The Giudice family lives on borrowed money and their two houses have been repossessed by the banks.

In the light of all this, Joe Giudice has filed for bankruptcy.

While Joe Giudice claims he earns $79,000 per annum, he owes $10,853,648.04 in credit card bills, high end merchandize retailers and Cadillac Escalade monthly installments, $2.6 million owed to three home mortgages, $5.8 million to Joe’s business investments, $85, 600 home repairs, and $12,000 for fertility treatments.

Jan 14 2010: Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Giuseppe Giudice is the husband of Teresa Giudice, one of the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Joe Giudice was driving when his car crashed into a pole in Montville. Giudice was sent to hospital, where his blood sample was tested for alcohol. Giudice was then charged with DWI, reckless driving, careless driving and failure to maintain a lane in traffic.

When police checked on Joe Giudice, they discovered he was wanted in Clifton, New Jersey. Giudice had outstanding city ordinance violations. Giudice was handed over to the Clifton police, where they arrested him and detained him in jail. Giudice was released after his bail of $2625 was paid.

September 15 2009: Teresa Giudice, one of the housewives in The Real Housewives of New Jersey, has given birth to her new baby daughter. Giudice named her baby girl Audriana. Giudice’s infant is her fourth daughter, after Gia, Gabriella, and Milania. Giudice, baby Audrina, Papa Joe, and the girls are all happy and well.

June 23 2009: Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice own a huge mansion in New Jersey. Joe Giudice gave his home the best from his construction company. The Giudice home is 12000 square feet big. The interior furnishings speak of opulence. The Giudice is like a palace of its own at 6 Indian Lane, Towaco, NJ.

Joe Giudice’s construction company:
G & G Stucco in Clifton, New Jersey
Website http://stuccoandstonespecialist.com/home.nxg

Photos of Joe and Teresa Giudice’s house.

Teresa Giudice.

Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice, Gia Giudice, Gabriella Giudice, Milania Giudice.

Teresa Giudice, Gia Giudice, Gabriella Giudice, Milania Giudice

Teresa Giudice & Joe Giudice.

 Teresa Giudice & Joe Giudice,

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34 thoughts on “Teresa Giudice & Joe Giudice construction company (photos)

  1. Well i think that they are a wonderful family, but obviously dont have their spending under control and maybe have been caught up with the lifestyle. With a cover up of a construction business, only making 79k a year, their must be something illegal going on..maybe mob ties?? It is New Jersey..

    • My husband earns the same amount and we live in a rented duplex. Got to be a whole lot of illegal shit going on, it’s obvious as they pay everything in cash. Lolol. How many wealthy people do you know who takes out a wad of cash, smells mobsters.

  2. renee hartman says:

    i deffiently believe that they both are hiding the real picture of this so called stucco business. i worked for ten years for a stucco company and masonry company and sold supplies in the fastest growing parish in the country in the 1990’s and mid 2000 and their was no way the owner of the company whos children were all grown made money to live like this and his paycheck weekly was like 5.000. so i really feel if this company was real, they were making money under the table that is why she was able to pay for everything cash to furnish their house.

  3. Kit Robinson says:

    I feel sorry for all the crap going on all over about them. I think that would be the same for all of us to have our lives, & our children’s lives in the papers & tv & the internet & it just never ends. Yeah they over-spent & it came right in the middle of a housing recession & when all the bills came due unfortunately Joe’s partner weaseled out & left Joe holding the bag. That was wrong & he should be standing there right beside Joe getting his pound of flesh handed to the creditors along with anyone else that was responsible. Everyone was guilty of someting & Joe’s crime was letting Teresa keep spending & spending he liked making her happy, & that wasn’t wrong but he should have reined her in when he knew things had gone bad. No one would have thought anything of it if they said thing’s were tight & they were trying to fix it, not just blow it off. I still feel sorry for them though, their kids are catching the brunt of the whole crap storm & I feel so bad for them. It’s hard when the kids are catching a face full of BS every day.

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