Tisha Campbell Martin & Duane Martin divorce rumor (photo)

Tisha Campbell married Duane Martin in August 17, 1996. Although their marriage has been hit by rumors of a divorce, nothing of the sort has happened. Tisha was out of the eye of the public because she has been busy with the couple’s two children.

The Martins live in LA, California. Campbell has at least two writing projects. One is a cookbook, while the other is a novel.

Tisha Campbell Martin was a guest on The Mo’Nique Show, on Tuesday night, Feb 1, 2011. Tisha Campbell was last a bright star some 14 years ago, at the height of her popularity, when she was an actress in “Martin”, co-starring with Martin Lawrence.

Tisha Campbell is no longer singing but she is banking on her old image as a singer, to promote a TV movie that will be shown on the Disney Channel. “Lemonade Mouth” is about a group of teens who got together when they were in detention class. The teens decided to form a band to channel their energies and express themselves.

Tisha Campbell acts as Miss Rezznick, a music teacher in Lemonade Mouth.

Tisha Campbell has two children now. They are Xen, 10 years old, and Ezekiel, 2 years old.

Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin

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