Hair Problems And Easy Solution

Hair Problems And Easy Solution

Hair fall if this is normal 20-30 hairs per  day, then this thing is normal because new hair gets replaced in place of these  hair, if the balls fall more in the form of   flakes then they become a big problem. We want to tell you the hair problems and its solution, which can prove to be important information for you.

Reason To Hair Loss :

Due to infection – Hair fall due to throat, tooth, and eye defects.

Due to pollution – There is external and internal loss of hair due to pollution, dust and soil of the polluted environment accumulate in the form of toxic layer on the hair.

Permanent baldness – Due to mental stress, hereditary, lack of nutritional elements in the body, due to wrong hair care, sometimes the hair starts to fall too much in the form of old age and In this situation, consult a good doctor.

Floating baldness – In this problem, hair fall from place to place becomes baldness. This problem is due to mental stress, lack of nutritious food in the body, mental trauma etc.For this, consult a good doctor. It can be treated before six months.

Diet to enhance hairs – If our body gets the right nutrients then Our health is fine, It also shows its effect on hair. Our food should contain enough proteins, carotenes are produced. Therefore, we should consume a balanced diet such as green leafy vegetables, pulses, eggs, fish, milk, curd, almonds, vegetable oil etc. It makes our hair prolong, healthy, art, shiny. By removing the mental stress, the use of balanced food is very beneficial for our health and health of the hair,
If we do not take this type of food then we may have to face problems related to hair.

Exercise to keep hair healthy – Exercise keeps both healthy and Mental healthy as well as keeping hair healthy. So we should do it regularly every day. Exercise reduces stress, our brain gets comfort. Every part of the body starts functioning smoothly. The body also gets very comfortable, Also get strength, By keeping the body healthy, the hair becomes healthy. Hair growth keeps hair fresh and new hair increases And looks beautiful

Exercise this way for hair Respiration – Lie down on the floor to make the Respiration And stretch both hands on both sides, keep both legs slightly spreading Keep the claws open, close your eyes slowly and breathe slowly and leave the other body limbs loose. By doing this the body’s muscles and all the organs get complete comfort, By which stress is removed, strength and energy of the body.