How To Install & Download Google Chrome in PC: Easy Steps

We want to tell you how to download / install the Google chrome browser in PC / laptop in the simplest way. We will give you step by step will give complete information so that you do not have to face any problems in installing  Google chrome browser.

Very Easy 8 Steps To Google Chrome Browser For Install & Download in PC & Laptop

  1. First Step – Open any browser in your PC / Laptop first, then after typing in the browser, press the Enter button. As soon as you press the Enter button, you will see Google’s website Google Chrome browser will appear in your browser.
  2. Second Step – As soon as you look in the Google website, you will see four options at the top 1 download 2 Set up 3 chromebooks & 4 chromecast.
  3. Third step – There are four options appearing on the screen in front of you. You are seeing the option of download on the first number. You only have to click on it as soon as you click on the option of download, you will see four option again. Will give 1 Personal Computer 2 For Mobile 3 Features 4 Support.
  4. Fourth Step – There are four options appearing in front of your screen. You will have to click on the personal computer which is the option of the first number. As soon as you click on personal computers, the download crome button will appear in front of you. Under crome button for windows 10/8.1/64 64-bit will also be visible.
  5. Five Step – All you have to do is click on the button of download chrome as if you click on the button, you will see Google chrome terms of service from Google, under trems of service, you will also see the button for accept and install.
  6. Six Step – You will have to click on the accept and install button as soon as you click on the accept and install button, downloading will begin in your browser and downloading will appear in the down left side of the screen or in the top right. It depends on your browser, on which side downloading looks.
  7. Seven Step – You have to go to the folder of download and after the Google chrome browser download you have to open it by double clicking, as soon as you open the browser, you will see the run option appear, then you will have to click on the run option.
  8. Eight Step – This is the last step, after clicking on Run option, you will see connecting to internet on the screen. After clicking on the browser automatic download will begin and download will not take much time, just download in a few seconds download will be completed Automatically install will also occur after completion.

Google chrome browser is a browser that people from all over the world use and this browser is not used in China because people there are interested in using their browser. It should be seen in the browser perspective. So this is the best browser and everybody can install / download Google Chrome browser the simplest way.

How To Install & Download Google Chrome In Pc: Easy Steps