Statue Of Unity Full Details & Tour Timings,Tickets Cost


Full Details About To “Statue Of Unity” Tour Timings & Tickets Cost :

India’s prime minister narendra modi was chief minister of gujarat in 2013 so his dream was to make sardar vallabhbhai patel the tallest statue in the world. And narendra modi made his first contribution to the creation of the world’s tallest statue on 31st october 2013 on sardar patel’s birthday. The highest statue of this world was inaugurated by prime minister narendra modi on the auspicious occasion of sardar patel’s birthday on october 31, 2018. The world’s tallest statue is made of iron, 9 0000 tons of cement, 25,000 ton of steel and 22,000 ton brass and the highest statue of this world has been given the name of the statue of unity, and it took five years to build this statue. This the world’s tallest statue is located in the kevadiya colony in narmada district gujarat in india and statue of unity is no less than miracle. This is not only india but the highest statue in the whole world. Before this, the world’s highest statue was of god buddha in china.And its height is 125 meters. Sardar patel’s statue of unity in india is higher than america’s liberty of statue, 90 meters high but now the highest statue of the whole world is “Statue of unity” in india.

Specialties Related To The Statue Of Unity:

Total weight of the statue of unity is 1700 tonnes.The height of sardar vallabhbhai patel statue is 522 feet, which is 182 meters.And the foot height of the statue is 80 feet, the height of the arm is 70 feet and the length of the statue lip is 6 feet.This statue extends to approximately 22000 square meters and the mouth of world’s tallest statue is the height equal of the seven-storey building. Earthquake will not have any effect on this 182 meter tallest statue because this statue has been completely anti-earthquake.The 6.5-magnitude earthquake can not have any effect on this world’s tallest statue. And this idol will not be affected by strong winds, even if it is very strong wind. And it has been said that this statue of unity can be easily seen from a distance of seven kilometers. Near this statue, the shreshtha bharat bhawan has also been started, in which you will see more than fifty rooms.One interesting thing is that sardar vallabhbhai patel can go up to the statue, a gallery is made near his heart. To reach that gallery, one lift has been installed on both feet of the statue.Thus, total two elevators have been installed.

Sardar vallabhbhai patel dame and floor of velli can be easily seen from the gallery and the entire area around murthy has been developed as tourist destination.A museum just below the statue of unity contains interesting books related to sardar vallabhbhai patel,through which every person will get more information about the life of sardar vallabhbhai patel.And things related to memories of sardar vallabhbhai patel are also kept here, full care has been taken to clean up, because this place has been made a complete tourist spot and also various techniques of foreign country have been taken to create tourist sites. Velli of flowers is on both sides of the statue of unity, the waters of the river narmada will also be seen between the two of the valley of flowers. Which will also be boating and which will be very beautiful view in itself.

Most Interesting Information Attached To The Statue Of Unity:

Shri narendra modi had told the farmers to contribute in making this statue. And in the contribution he said that old iron and soil were asked to donate. Iron and soil were collected from one lakh seventy thousand thousand villages from eight states, to make this giant statue, the central government had contracted the big & turbo company in 2014. Approximately 4,000 employees to create this statue of unity and 200 artisans from china worked together, 3000 crore rupees spent in this statue of unity. An interesting information is also that the formation of this statue of unity was started when the 2014 lok sabha elections were going to come. And this statue of unity has been inaugurated only, when the 2019 lok sabha elections are going to come.

Statue Of Unity Full Details & Tour Timings,Tickets Cost

Statue Of Unity Tour Timings & Tickets Cost:

The opening hours of the statue of unity will be from 9 AM To 6 PM To talk about ticket payment, the statue of unity site and Sardar Sarovar Dam, adults are charged rs 120. For children aged below 15, the ticket price is rs 60 only.